Solab Access Showcase

Here are a sample of some of the Tracks developed for the Solab Access Platform.



Tap 41

Volsunga Saga

Zireh Hr

Last Under

Ego Trip

Sénéya (cleanliness) wave

Farafina Mousso (Black Women)

Vibs (trap sabar)


Masry 2xbeatloop

8 bar loop 1

8 bar loop 2

Wax On x Adon Geel

Cape Town Sunset Grooves – Adon Geel

Quicker Nights- Adon Geel (The GrOove Rplk)

Victoria Road Cruisin- Adon Geel (The GrOove Rplk)

Wax On Loop #1

Wax On Loop #2


Dena Yakout

Dena is an Egyptian neo soul hip hop artist who grew up in the
UK. Her interest in music began from a young age when she
started song writing and fell in love with it. She is drawn to the art
of storytelling and raises socially conscious themes in her music
as well as putting out relatable and fun material. Dena is inspired
by artists such as J Cole, Erykah Badu and Greentea Peng. Her
most recent and upcoming releases focus on bridging the gap
between the east and the west, which also is a representation of
her life and upbringing.

Kamwangi Njue

Kamwangi Njue, is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and experimental beatmaker working with artists and others from Nairobi, Kenya. He has developed, participated and delivered a range of collaborative projects and events including performances, shows, exhibitions, texts and readings. 

Paul Waxon

Paul Waxon is a DJ, curator, event promotor and record collector
from Cape Town, South Africa. Paul has an interest in music from
different places and eras which informs his DJ sets and events.

Last Under

Born Cheikh Mor DEMBELE from Tambacounda, Senegal, his
music career started in 2016 building his fanbase through local
and national music showcases.

In 2017 Last Under won “Best Original Song” at the UNFPA
showcase and was selected among the 5 best artists to produce
an album. 2018 saw continued success, a high point being the
opportunity to represent his city on the national stage and work
with the USAID NEEMA project to produce an album featuring
the track "Japp Na Ci" on Youssou Ndour's "Prince Arts" label.
At the end of 2019, Last Under released his own 18 track album