Henrique Castro

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brasil but living in Belfast, Henrique is one of the most sought-after session
drummers in Northern Ireland. He records, produces, and performs in bands and solo artists projects as
part of a range of bands such as Blackjack, Manukahunney, the Wilson Magwere Band, Dena Anuk$a, Jess
Brien, Belfast Busking Band and Utropiks. His Brasilian heritage and innate ability to the culture we are
drawing upon to improvise accordingly is the unique skillset needed to take part in Solab.
Outside of drumming, he is an audiovisual creator with over 20 years of experience in media,
entertainment, and the arts. This multi-talented creative has experience across artforms – from
scriptwriter to media producer, recording artist to music director, and photographer to graphic designer.
Skills acquired are merely tools to communicate an idea, a message, a feeling. What is clear is that he is
adaptable in the creative process at all times. Regardless of the creative medium of choice, effective
communication is the ultimate objective.

His full skillset can be found here –