Jennifer John

Jennifer John is based Liverpool in the UK has been at the forefront of choir development and working with voices from diverse communities for over 30 years. She is committed to providing accessible vocal training for all people and believes in singing for social change.

In her capacity as a singing lecturer her clients include Royal Academy of Music, Real Northern College of Music, Brighton Institute of Mode Music and sir Paul McCartney’s  Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

She is the Creative Director and Manager of Sense of Sound Singers who have collaborated with Yoko Ono, Damon Albarn, Seal, Jon Bon Jovi, David Gilmore, Take That and many more.

“I love everything about choirs: the cohesion, the harmonisation, the contribution of the smaller sections that make up the whole ensemble. Collective voices create positive magic and the impact of that stays with the singers forever.”

Jennifer has recently won 2 awards for her recent virtual choir project, Love Sings which was created during Lockdown.