Wanjeri Gakuru

Wanjeri Gakuru is a freelance journalist, essayist and filmmaker. A cross-section of her writing has appeared in Transition Magazine, The Africa Report, The Elephant, LA Times Magazine and CNN, among others. 

Wanjeri is an alumna of the 2014 Farafina Creative Writing Workshop. She was selected as the 2018 Literary Ambassador for Nairobi by Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel and in 2020 was appointed Nataal’s Nairobi-based Contributing Editor. 

Between 2018 and 2020, Wanjeri served as Managing Editor of Pan-African writers’ collective, Jalada Africa.
She served as Co-Curator and Festival Producer during the Collective’s inaugural Jalada Mobile Literary and Arts Festival covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC and Rwanda (2017). 

In 2021, Wanjeri was appointed Jalada Africa’s Board Secretary. Wanjeri is a founding member and the Partnerships Director of Rogue Film Society (RFS), a collective of multi-talented African filmmakers and thespians working in film, TV, theater and advertising. Wanjeri co-wrote feature films, Supa Modo (2018) and Lusala (2019) as well as the pilot for TV drama series, Country Queen (2019). The independent filmmaker made her directorial debuts in short fiction and documentary in 2019 and 2020 with the mockumentary, Get Laid (2019) premiering at Shorts, Shorts and Shots Festival in collaboration with NBO Film Festival and the documentary film project, Nielimishe (2020) which is currently moving around the festival circuits. 

You can read more of her work here