North Star is a celebration inspired by the lasting impact of Frederick Douglass’s landmark speech in Belfast in 1845. Developed by Solab’s Kwame Daniels, North Star will see four world-class artists working with four schools will co create a spectacular showcase of music, art and literature rooted in Black culture. This will culminate with a live show in October 2024, embracing creativity, inspired by history, celebrating our people and place.  

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for a number of volunteers, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to help us bring the event to life. We’ve listed the roles, below, that we’re actively looking for. But if you want to get involved and your skills don’t match any of the roles, please still contact us with details of what skills you have and how you’d like to get involved. 

What we can offer volunteers:

  • Out of pocket expenses for travel etc
  • Four tickets to the main event
  • Backstage access to the main event
  • Chance to work with Grammy nominated artists
  • Contribute to Belfast 2024, the biggest cultural event in Northern Ireland this year
  • CV building
  • Be part of a groundbreaking event, North Star, and the wider Solab network, linking the island of Ireland to the continent of Africa, connecting both diasporas, world wide.

Deadline for all applications:
Friday 3rd May 2024

Social Media Content Creator

If you see the world in great pictures and videos, we’re looking for you. Primarily on Instagram, we’re looking to grow a social following in and around Belfast. Initially, we’re looking to spread the word of North Star to help build pride in the city at how it welcomed Fredrick Douglas and inspired this project. As the event gets closer, we’ll need to use social channels to sell tickets. We’ve got a lot of great stories and exciting content surround this project, we need your expertise to bring it to life.

We don’t need a CV unless you want to send one, we’re more interested in any examples of social accounts you’ve managed or the videos and images you’ve created for social media.

Podcast Editor

We will be recording a podcast series to document the work involved in North Star From interviewing performers to capturing attendees, we’ll be leaving a legacy of the project for future generations.

We need help taking the interviews and transforming them into a compelling series and if you’ve got the skills to edit interviews to make them great story podcasts, then we want to hear from you.

We don’t need a CV unless you want to send one, we’re more interested in any examples of podcasts you’ve edited. If you’re early stage in your career and haven’t done a lot of editing but have been learning the skills, you could cut a 60 – 90 second clip of yourself and send that.

Writer / Blogger

If words are your thing, we want you too! All of the stories and content that we can capture on social media and podcasts can be written up too. This project has an endless amount of content and you can have freedom to shape the stories. Initially we’ll be raising awareness of North Star and helping build that local civic pride in the Belfast connection. We also want the blog to be a legacy of the project and a record of what happened for generations to come.

We don’t need a CV unless you want to send one, we’re more interested in any examples of things you’ve written. That could be on your own blog, for another publication or just those things you keep in your drafts and haven’t shown to the world yet.